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Helmer Scientific Automatic Cell Washer System

Exceptional performance and consistent, reproducible results with intuitive programming

The UltraCW®II offers exceptional performance and consistent reproducible results with intuitive programming for high-performance automated cell washing. Tube testing is considered the gold standard for ABO and Rh grouping, antibody identification and cross-matching. The UltraCW®II Cell Washer allows users to streamline workflows and complete wash cycles simply and efficiently. Available with either a 12-place or 24-place rotor.

  • Intuitive programming allows user to create programs quickly with the easy-to-use touchscreen interface.
  • Consistent, reproducible results; provides precise saline fills and digital calibration
  • Ergonomic, compact footprint conveniently fits in your lab space
  • High-capacity flexibility of 12 or 24-place rotors increases productivity and sample capacity
  • Easy to use with saline directly connected to cell washer and convenient cleaning procedures
  • Safe, quiet operation

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