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Genesis BPS Docon Seal M

The Genesis Docon Seal M is a portable, high performance and durable hand-held sealing unit designed to seal PVC tubing.

Sturdy and lightweight design combined with an extended battery life provides uninterrupted everyday use in the production and further processing of plasma and blood. 

The Genesis Docon Seal M was specifically designed to meet the high performance standards of plasma processing, blood collection, cellular therapy and life science organisations. With an intuitive design, dependable performance and high-volume capacity, the Genesis Docon Seal M is setting the new standard for reliable and high quality seals. 

Product Overview & Features

  • Lightweight and sturdy hand-held portable sealing unit
  • Ergonomically shaped sealing handle with built-in splash guard 
  • Sealing time automatically adjusts to different tube dimensions 
  • Latest lithium-ion battery technology for up to 2000 seals per battery charge
  • LED indicates sealing process is activated
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • Hard transportation case (standard); Mobile canvas carrying bag available

Additional Applications 
Approved for use during a standard donation or apheresis procedure

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