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Repligen OPUS® MiniChrom® Pre-Packed Columns

OPUS® MiniChrom® Columns are designed for bench-scale resin screening, process development and sample preparation.

Designed for bench-scale resin screening, process development,  and sample preparation, OPUS® MiniChrom® Columns are pre-packed with user-specified resin and supplied ready to use with any liquid chromatography system.  Flexible column dimension configurations (internal diameters, bed heights, volumes) allow comparative evaluation of process parameters and the construction of customised resin libraries.

Currently platformed in various process development projects, as well as for resin sampling by various resin vendors, over 30,000 OPUS® MiniChrom® Columns have been in used in the industry since 2007.  Individual laser labelling containing Part Number and Serial Number ensure traceability to the corresponding performance data. 

  • Pre-packed with user-specified chromatography resin - over 200 resins
  • 8 different column dimensions
  • Defined, documented packing procedures with correct compression factor to deliver high performance from process resins ​​​​
    • Reduced HETP consistent near 5
    • Asymmetry stable at 1.1 to 1.2
    • Up to 30 bar pressure resistance
  • Compatible with all common liquid chromatography systems - 1/16" female connectors
  • A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for each individual column is available on request

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