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Repligen OPUS® ValiChrom® Pre-Packed Columns

OPUS® ValiChrom® Columns are glass pre-packed columns that are exact scale-down models of full-scale columns, ideal for process validation, including virus clearance studies.

OPUS® ValiChrom® Columns are high performance glass pre-packed columns designed to be exact scale-down models of corresponding full-scale chromatography columns.  Each column is individually flow-packed according to validated packing protocols with the precision of 1 mm bed height.

With over 10,000 columns packed since 2007, OPUS® ValiChrom® Columns are uniquely suited for process validation. They are designed to match chromatographic efficiency and bed height of production scale columns with a precision of 1mm, making them ideal for parameter evaluation, process validation, and viral clearance studies.

  • Pre-packed with user-specified chromatography resin - over 300 resins
  • Can be packed to any desired bed height between 5 and 60 cm
  • Flow-packed with correct resin compression factor to simulate performance of process columns
  • Convenient diameter tubing simplifies calculations
  • Fixed bed height standardises adaptor constructions
  • Jacketed biocompatible precision bore borosilicate glass column allows visualisation of resin across the fullbed height
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) includes efficiency (Plate/m), asymmetry, and pressure flow rate.

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