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Repligen SpectraFlo™ Dynamic Dialysis Systems

Introducing SpectraFlo™ Dynamic Dialysis Systems, the only commercially available systems for scalable dynamic dialysis from lab scale to large volume processing 

Dynamic dialysis is an exciting new technology that utilises fluid dynamics to increase purification efficiency and improve large buffer handling, ideal for the production of fragile proteins, viscous fluids and polymer gels, such as hyaluronic acid. These closed, high-efficiency systems offer high concentration gradient dialysis without manual buffer changes and in-process sample handling.

Continuous Buffer Flow

  • No manual buffer changes
  • Walkaway convenience

Fully Integrated

  • Includes dialysis tank, pump, reservoirs, membrane
  • Fast implementation time

Scale Up, Scale Out

  • Scale up from lab to process scale
  • Scale out from 1 to 6 tanks in series

Increased Purification Efficiency

  • Sealed self-enclosed design
  • Minimised exposure to external contaminants

Innovative Mobile System

  • Large-scale, small footprint
  • Series operation conserves buffer

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