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ClorDiSys Megadox™

The Megadox is a chlorine dioxide gas generation system designed for use in any pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting.

It provides a rapid and highly effective method to decontaminate large volume areas up to 560,000 ft3, including rooms, isolators (sterility test, filling line, containment, etc.), passthroughs, processing tanks and vessels, cleanrooms, lyophilisers, etc. The Megadox utilises a rugged industrial control system and is constructed of robust, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel to provide an exceptionally long life.

The system features a sophisticated photometric sterilant concentration monitoring system allowing for a tightly controlled and consistent sterilisation process. This repeatable, tight process control and accurate concentration monitoring system make chlorine dioxide gas sterilisation cycles easy to validate. When sterilisation cycles are completed, a run record is produced that contains cycle data including the date, cycle time, cycle steps, as well as temperature, pressure, and chlorine dioxide concentration. Run Data can also be electronically logged to the included USB drive. The control system features a password protected, recipe management system with historical and real time trending of cycle data.

The Megadox is available as either a Megadox-4 (280,000 ft3 of total decontamination capacity) or Megadox-8 (560,000 ft3 of total decontamination capacity) configuration to suit both large and very large applications.

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