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ClorDiSys Minidox-MC™

The Minidox-MC is an all-in-one chlorine dioxide gas generation system designed for simple and effective decontamination and sterilisation of small items.

The Minidox-MC combines a Minidox-M Gas Generator, a sterilisation chamber, and an integrated aeration system to provide a full sterilisation cycle with the touch of a single button. The Minidox-MC utilises a rugged industrial control system and is constructed of robust, corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel to provide an exceptionally long life.

The Minidox-MC is portable in design and can be easily moved throughout your facility. The system features a sophisticated photometric sterilant concentration monitoring system allowing for a tightly controlled and consistent sterilisation process. This repeatable, tight process control and accurate concentration monitoring system make chlorine dioxide gas sterilisation cycles easy to validate. When sterilisation cycles are completed, a run record is produced that contains cycle data including the date, cycle time, cycle steps, as well as temperature, pressure, and chlorine dioxide concentration. The control system features a password protected, recipe management system with historical and real time trending of cycle data.

The Minidox-MC is an ideal choice for decontaminating your small items, electronics, and sensitive items. Total cycle times can be as fast as one hour for a 6-log sterilisation level kill, with consumable costs under $1.

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