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Sarstedt General Laboratory Products

Deep Well Blocks

Our Deep Well MegaBlock® is ideal for the long-term storage of samples and fulfils all important requirements with regard to the various possible applications in cell culture, pharmaceutics and molecular biology. Two materials – polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PP) – are available to choose from, although PP is also autoclavable and DMSO-resistant. Due to their SBS-format production, the blocks are suitable for use with pipettor robots. The blocks are manufactured under clean room conditions, free from human DNA, DNase/RNase and endotoxins.

Micro Test Plates

Our newly reworked micro test plates are made from high-quality polystyrene in SBS standard format. The plates therefore provide consistent optical quality and fit in all common dispensers, washers and readers. There are three base shapes available for the different areas of application: flat, round and conical. In order to facilitate quick coordination when filling the wells, the hollows are also labelled alphanumerically. Each plate is provided with a batch number and expiration date for improved traceability.

Disposal Bags

Our disposal bags are used to collect and dispose of used disposable products from the laboratory and hospital and are made from a 50 µm-thick polypropylene sheet. This is particularly resistant to tears and punctures; however, it should never be filled with sharp or pointed objects. In addition to various sizes, coloured bags and bags with 'Bio Hazard' printed on them are also available. The volumes of the bags range from 2 l to 80 l. Disposal bags must be autoclaved when unsealed in order to achieve reliable sterilisation.

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