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Sarstedt Cell & Tissue Culture


A basic requirement for the successful cultivation of cells in vitro is to simulate the in vivo environment of the relevant cell type as accurately as possible. For cell culture cells, the surface condition of the culture vessel is particularly important because many cell types can only survive, proliferate and differentiate following successful adhesion. In order to meet the requirements for as many different cell types as possible, we offer colour-coded flasks, dishes and plates with three different growth surfaces – adherent, sensitive adherent and suspension.

Lumox® Technology

The lumox® cell culture products are characterised by their ultra-thin, gas-permeable film base. Optimum gas exchange is guaranteed due to the gas permeability and the short diffusion paths. The low autofluorescence and the good light transmission of the lumox® film leads to consistently high sensitivity in assays and during the use of imaging and reader techniques. lumox® products enable a range of applications from normal tissue culture through to automated analysis of fluorescence-based cell assays.

miniPERM® Biorector

miniPERM® is an easy-to-use bioreactor for the cultivation of eukaryotic cells in high densities. The sub-division of the bioreactor into production and nutrient modules and the rotating cultivation allow for the production of highly concentrated cell products in small volumes.  This means that the miniPERM® bioreactor is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to conventional tissue and roller bottles and to fermentation systems.

X-Well Slide

The x-well cell culture system is available in various slide material options and therefore provides the optimum surface for a multitude of microscopic cell culture analyses.  Slides made from PCA, glass, coverglass or lumox® film form single and multiple-chamber vessels with different growth surfaces in combination with a polystyrene frame. The variety of the x-well cell culture chambers permits efficient and quick conduction of parallel test series.


We offer a professional freezing system for storing cell materials and their components at temperatures of up to -196°C. With a wide range of highly transparent CryoPure tubes, we cover a volume range of 1.2 ml to 5 ml. Cryo boxes for deep-freeze storage and stands for easy handling of the CryoPure tubes complete the range.


We offer a number of options for the sterile filtration of aqueous solutions (e.g. cell culture media). The range includes filtration units for various volumes from 1 ml up to 10 l. The filter membranes are available with different pore sizes and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications. The Filtropur product range is characterised by its variability, cost efficiency and rapidity. 

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