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Micronic Sample Storage Caps

The Micronic TPE Push Caps for tubes in 96-well format are compatible with internally threaded and externally threaded tubes from Micronic.

Several TPE cap formats are available: the Capcluster-96 which leaves each tube individually capped, the Capmat-96 holds 96 caps in a fixed foil in which the tubes are sealed together, and the Capband-8 comes in a mat format with tear off lines to obtain cap strips. The full TPE cap range is available in Natural and 12 different colours.

The Micronic Screw Caps for tubes with external thread have a triple start thread for the most optimal sealing quality, ensuring long-term sample preservation and storage at ultra-low temperatures.

To prevent the Screw Cap from overturning – manually or mechanically – the screw cap is designed with a unique lock when sealed (no cap or tube exhaustion).

For better handling, the screw cap also has an outside grip. The caps for tubes with an internal thread feature a high quality Silicon O-ring around the base to allow for the tightest seal possible.

The Micronic Screw Caps for tubes with an internal and external thread are available in 12 different colours.

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