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Gram BioBlood

The BioBlood design is a special version of our top-of-the-range BioPlus cabinet, customised to meet the special requirements associated with the controlled storage of blood, plasma and blood–related products.

These advanced cabinets have been developed exclusively for blood storage in order to help ensure high, consistent quality at every stage from donor to transfusion. 

This means uniquely stringent specifications of all the components. BioBlood cabinets also provide users with an excellent view of the contents. It is easy to spot the item you want and get it quickly and with a minimum of stress.

The BioBlood range, an amalgamation of features/specifications across the BioPlus and BioMidi ranges, are available in sizes ranging from 425 litres up to 1400 litres. As blood refrigerator (BR) +2°C/+6°C, Blood freezer (BF) -25°C/-5°C, and Plasma freezer (PF) -35°C/-5°C (PF 600/660W) and -40°C/-5°C (PF 425).

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