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LEEC Autopsy Solid Top Tables

Pedestal Autopsy Table with fixed solid stainless steel top

A free standing conventional style autopsy table, but mounted on a cantilever frame providing not only total access and easy cleaning but with convenient service location at the foot of the autopsy table, also offers 250mm height adjustment either by electrical or hydraulic mechanism.

The fixed top features a slow tapered edge which allows convenient body transfer and a slow but practical fall for fluids towards the foul sink, which contains a filter basket. The wide perimeter forms a natural contour edge with ample capacity for larger cases, but without obstructing access for regular use.

A small sink bowl is integrated into the fabrication, with options for larger bowls, taps ans spray facilities. Standard manufacture employs 304gde stainless steel but higher grades are available.

Designed with a surface mounted plinth or with a below floor frame, and fitted with a convenient but concealed panel to access services.

Central Pedestal Autopsy Table with fixed stainless steel top

A Central pedestal based platform designed to provide simple height adjustment to the operator's platform. With a range of features available the pedestal can be easily adapted with a number of options to suit individual preferences.

The Fixed worktop is fabricated of stainless steel with the choice of a Convex Internal Contour / Fixed Tray as an alternative to the Tray Transfer Facility. Choice of fixed worktops includes not only stainless steel but a durable Resin compound (simulating porcelain).

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