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LEEC Downdraft Dissecting Bench

Downdraft explained

A simple description of Downdraft ventilation would be that air is drawn down into the equipment rather than across the surface of the equipment as in Linear Ventilation.  Extract ventilation is provided through ductwork to each piece of equipment.  The overall volume of air required has to be balanced between individual equipment requirements and the autopsy room air changes as laid down under HBN20. 

The benefits of the system are that air is drawn down into the equipment directly (see the video).  Therefore the air flow around each item of equipment is in a downward direction giving protection to the users during their various work operations.

Downdraft Dissecting Benches

LEEC have taken their nearly 60 years experience to develop the latest versions of their in house custom designed downdraft dissecting benches.

LEEC have listened to the feedback from hundreds of their customer who have LEEC downdraft benches installed already, many of which have been working continually for many fault free years.

With all this experience LEEC have produced a dissecting bench which is both easy to use and maintain, compact in design and offers remarkable value. 

LEEC's dissecting benches are manufactured to the highest standard which gives them a proven long service life.  Every dissecting bench is built to order and is manufactured to each customer exacting specification.

Each bench comes with the option of height adjustment which  this gives remarkable flexibility of use for each bespoke location. 

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