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Dynex Technologies AGILITY®

AGILITY® is redefining ELISA with ingenious design, total automation and a revolutionary approach to reagent loading that boosts productivity and minimises hands-on time like never before. For true walk-away freedom, nothing beats AGILITY®.

Increases Productivity

  • Full, walkaway processing from the beginning of testing
  • Up to 16 SmartKit® carriers stored on-board for simultaneous runs
  • Flexible throughput allows up to 12 plates on-board at once

Practical automation

  • Assesses testing requirements and develops an efficient work list
  • Continuous sample loading allows operators to begin loading and running microplates as they are ready, installed of all at once
  • Reduces hands-on time by two-thirds of typical open systems

Good value for your investment

  • Frees up significant labour time and allows for multitasking
  • Eliminates nearly all manual liquid-transfer steps
  • Eliminates most of ELISA's labour-intensive front-end setup

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