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Dynex Technologies DS2®

The innovative DS2® is designed for clinical, research and industrial labs that want to enhance their processes through automation.

Installed in over 3,500 labs worldwide, the DS2 is the solution for the rigorous, repeatable analyses required in critical applications including immunology, infectious disease, hormone, allergy, blood-chemistry, drugs-of-abuse testing, food safety, forensics, and environmental testing among others.

Run any assay from any vendor

  • Fully automated open system
  • Ability to bring in tests that are currently being sent out
  • Automated sample distribution, incubation, reagent addition, washing and detection steps of assays as defined by the manufacturer. The lab can customise assay parameters, assay steps, OD read settings, result calculations, quality control checks and report formats with ease

Reliable workload scheduling

  • For the past 2 years DYNEX DS2® has achieved 98.5 uptime when mean time between failure target is set at 250 days
  • Schedule your preventive maintenance during slow period
  • Electronic Signature Pipetting (ESP) is a sophisticated technique used by the DS2® for detection of gross pipetting errors often caused by the presence of particulate matter, clots, foam, or bubbles in the sample. Insufficient sample transfer can therefore be detected and reported to the operator during a run
  • Prevent unscheduled down time

Saves Space

  • The DS2® system footprint is less than four square feet of linear counter space to process upto two 96-well microplates and 100 specimens making it ideal for lab's expanding workload
  • Utilise the same linear space as manual incubator and reader

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