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Esco Ascent™ Opti Ductless Fume Hoods

Esco Ascent™ Opti Ductless Fume Cabinet is equipped with features previously found only on high-end ductless fume cabinets to protect your laboratory personnel from toxic chemical fumes.

Offering laboratory safety with full-features at a great value, Esco Ascent™ Opti Ductless Fume Cabinet is among the finest in the industry, designed and produced by the world’s quality leader in clean-air technology products.

Key Benefits:

  • State of the art airflow monitor and alarm system for SPD models
  • High Value: Full Featured fume hood at cost-effective pricing
  • Oval shaped arm ports provide good working flexibility and high containment levels
  • Low Noise (55 dBA) and Warm Lighting for Operator Comfort
  • Extremely Low Energy Consumption resulting in substantial long-term savings


  • Grade 304 stainless steel work top surface that will never rust, chip or generate particles.
  • Electrogalvanised steel main body for maximum durability.
  • Spill-retaining work top designed with a recessed central area contains accidental spills.
  • Sentinel™ microprocessor control system with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions
  • Unique baffle design to improve containment and ensure efficient removal of chemical fumes from the work zone.
  • Double hinged sash mechanism allows higher sash opening for effortless cabinet loading.
  • Over 8 different Nanocarb™ filter types to choose from: Volatile organic compounds, acid, mercury, sulfur, halogen, aldehyde, ammonia or ethers/chloroform.

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