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Esco Ascent™ Opti Titramax

Titration analysis can now be done safely and hassle-free with the new Esco Ascent™ Opti Titramax, a ductless fume hood designed to accommodate burettes and auto-titrators.

Key Benefits:

  • Elongated height to accommodate 50mL burette, 500 mL flask and magnetic stirrer
  • Sliding sash provides easy access during loading and setting up
    of titration equipment
  • Specialised Nanocarb™ Filter suitable for titration analysis


  • Epoxy worktop that is chemical and heat resistant.
  • Electrogalvanised steel main body for maximum durability.
  • Acrylic sash and side walls for visibility.
  • Sentinel™ microprocessor control system with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions.
  • Unique baffle design to improve containment and ensure efficient removal of chemical fumes from the work zone.
  • Optional VOC sensor to detect filter saturation.

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