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Monmouth Scientific Circulaire® Fume Filtration

The Circulaire® Filtration Fume Cupboard solution product range feature the very latest in recirculating air filtration technology. 

Why the Fume Filtration Cupboard product range from Monmouth Scientific Is the Best Choice?

Our ductless fume filtration system utilises Ultra-deep Activated Carbon filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency and/or HEPA filters for particulate removal. The high quality filters are 30% larger than rival cabinets and significantly deeper, making laboratory fume removal and air purification more efficient, effective and safe.

During manufacture all aspects of the fume cabinet, from the electronics through to the metalwork, are meticulously checked and monitored to ensure optimal operation and high performance as well as safety and compliance with COSHH regulations and international standards, including BS7989:2001 (Filtration Fume/Particulate cupboards). The fume hoods use an average of just 100 watts of power, ensuring extremely low energy costs.

The CT range is fitted with the Visionaire® (7″ on CT-PRO 4.3” on CT) full colour touch screen control system that allows the highest level of control and monitoring.

We offer a wide range of standard sizes, with filters to suit all applications. In order to be able to achieve this level of quality, the fume cupboards and extraction systems are designed and manufactured by Monmouth Scientific in the UK by our experienced team of engineers. In addition to our standard units, we also offer bespoke systems to your unique requirements.

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