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Esco Frontier® Acela™ Fume Hoods

The world class laboratory fume hood design platform with patents and compliance to prove it.

Precisely tuned aerodynamics, outstanding user safety, total systems and design flexibility, energy-efficiency, aesthetics and ergonomics- all supported by Esco's solutions-based sales and service representatives in more than 100 countries.

Key Benefits:

  • ASHRAE 110 certified/ EN14175 certified
  • UL Classified
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • 5 degree sloped front
  • Unique perforated baffle design
  • Superior containment at 0.3m/s
  • High energy savings


  • Unique Hot Zone Baffles capture fumes quickly.
  • The tapered fibreglass exhaust collar reduces airflow turbulence, static pressure loss, noise level and increases face velocity uniformity.
  • Perfect Pitch Profile™. The gentle pitch of the hood profile enhances visibility.
  • Tri-wall construction and chain-and-sprocket sash system for maximum durability.
  • Sash stop limits sash movement beyond 457 mm (18"). When raised above this height, sash will automatically and gently fall back to the safe level (Esco’s CreepDown Mechanism).
  • Sash keylock available to keep sash in place at full open position for equipment loading, or at full close position to restrict access into hood.
  • Constant volume / high performance concept eliminates the need for complex VAV systems.
  • The Frontier® Acela™ Fume Hood delivers outstanding containment (less than 0.05ppm, as manufactured) down to 60fpm face velocity at both 18" restricted and full open sash openings, tested inhouse in accordance to the ASHRAE-110 and EN14175-3 test protocols.
  • Independently certified by Tintschl Engineering, Germany, to comply with the requirements of the EN14175 fume hood test standard.
  • All Frontier® Acela™ Fume Hoods include 1 water and 1 gas Enhanz™ remote-controlled fixture plumbed to the top of the hood and 2 duplex outlets standard (specify outlet code when ordering).

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