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Esco Frontier® Duo™ Fume Hoods

The Esco Frontier® Duo™ Hood offers a solution representing design and engineering innovations that are at the forefront of fume hood technology.

It provides superior containment of noxious chemical fumes at a face velocity of 0.5m/s while addressing worker comfort through its unique ergonomic design.

Key Benefits:

  • ASHRAE 110 certified
  • UL classified
  • Clean looking aesthetics
  • 8 degree sloped front of sash


  • A fully configurable Sentinel™ Silver Microprocessor control with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions.
  • Instant-start electronically ballasted lighting system (>900lux) that is flicker-free and isolated from the work zone.
  • Integral fluorescent lighting mounted out of the air stream for better airflow uniformity.
  • Electrical system designed to meet the latest international standards for safety.
  • Internal liner is made of phenolic resin laminates with no exposed screws or metal to prevent corrosion.
  • Black colored phenolic resin worktop surface resists staining.
  • Isocide™ Antimicrobial coating on the cabinet prevents surface contamination and inhibits bacterial growth.
  • Has a laminated vertical-rising sash with fail- safe counter-balanced mechanism
  • Standard service fixtures include 1 water fixture, 1 gas fixture and 2 electrical outlets.

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