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Esco Frontier® PPH™ Fume Hood

The Frontier® PPH™ Fume Hood provides the highest level of protection and containment against highly corrosive chemicals.

Its full polypropylene interior and exterior makes it metal-free, therefore suitable for sensitive work such as trace metal analysis.

Key Benefits:
  • Suitable for metal sensitive work
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • 5 degree sloped front
  • Unique perforated baffle design
  • Superior containment at 0.5m/s
  • High energy savings


  1. Full polypropylene(PP) interior and exterior
    • Metal-free: suitable for sensitive work such as trace metal analysis
    • Wall: stress-relieved, acid-resistant, non-corrosive, bend-resistant
    • Work-top: excellent acid and alkali erosion endurance, high heat and decoloration resistance
  2. Operates safely at 0.5m/s at 18" (457mm) or full open sash position constant volume concept eliminates the need forcomplex VAV systems.
  3. Optional Sentinel XL Airflow Monitor accurately monitors face velocity and alarms when inflow decreases to unsafe levels.
  4. The tapered PP exhaust collar reduces airflow turbulence, static pressure loss, noise level and increases face velocity uniformity.
  5. Perforated Baffles: improve capture efficiency.
  6. Air Foil: reduce turbulence and eliminate backflow.
  7. Structured design
    • Sash: tempered safety polycarbonate, can be fully opened and set in any working position
    • Base Cabinet: one shelf fixed in the left cabinet to prevent liquid leakage
  8. Remote control water fixture and 1 gas fixture are factory installed and plumbed, Up to 4 services may be factory or field installed.
  9. Perfect Pitch Profile™: 5° Angled Front, this gentle pitch of the hood profile enhances visibility and maximises operator comfort.
  10. Removable structure for easy access: baffles, panel on internal side wall and rear access panel.

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