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Esco Frontier® Radioisotope™

Esco Frontier® Radioisotope™ Fume Hood is designed to be used when handling radioactive materials.

This specialised fume hood is built with stainless steel internal surfaces (including the work surface) with coved seamless welded corners for easy cleaning and decontamination. Frontier® Radioisotope™ fume hoods have been engineered to provide maximum safety when handling radiopharmaceuticals and other radioactive materials. In addition, these hoods provide containment performance similar to that of high performance low velocity fume hoods.

Key Benefits:
  • UL classified
  • Smooth coved corners
  • Reinforced worksurface
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • 5 degree sloped front
  • Superior containment at 0.3m/s
  • High energy savings



  • Tri-wall construction for maximum robustness.
  • Internal chamber constructed of stainless steel 304 with coved corners. Option to upgrade to stainless steel 316 is available.
  • Chain and Sprocket Sash support system.
  • Hood lighting is pre-wired. Lighting is electronically ballasted, energy efficient, instant start. Typical light intensity on work surface is > 1076 lux in zero ambient conditions.
  • Reinforced work surface can hold loads of up to 15 kN/m² (2.175 lb/in2).

Safety Features

  • Shaping vanes increase airflow "sweep" at the critical area at the sidewall to improve containment, especially when laboratory personnel walk fast in front of the hood.
  • Sash stop limits sash movement beyond 457mm (18"), 'encouraging' user to work at safe positions.
  • When sash is raised above 457mm (18"), it will automatically and gently fall back to the safe level (Esco's creep-down mechanism) unless held in place. This allows the sash to be raised temporarily to the full open position for set up of equipment and apparatus in the hood, while enforcing regular operation of the hood with lowered sash.
  • The sash creep-down mechanism can only be disabled with a key. This permits the laboratory manager or safety officer to restrict operations at sash openings above 457mm (18.0").
  • Sash key lock allows the laboratory manager to restrict access to fume hood.
  • The sash can also be locked down in the fully closed position with the key , in the event of a fume hood fault, facility shutdown, or, simply to restrict access to equipment set up in the hood.


  • Stainless steel internal work zone allows for easy cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Removable baffle system allows for thorough cleaning inside the hood.
  • Chain and sprocket system requires minimal service.

Safety Certified and Tested

  • All Esco fume hoods are manufactured for the most demanding laboratory applications.
  • Each Frontier® Radioisotope™ Fume Hood is tested to comply with ASHRAE 110:1995 and EN14175-3 standards.
  • Sash is clearly labelled with operating instructions and illustrations.

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