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Clean Air School Prep Room Fume Cupboards

The hardwearing, economical Clean Air Fixed Ducted fume cupboard is the ideal school prep room fume cupboard.

It is designed to protect laboratory technicians from the large quantities of concentrated chemicals they handle. Clean Air manufactures its fixed ducted school prep room fume cupboard to meet CLEAPSS G9 and the range has been type-tested to BS EN 14175 to confirm its excellent levels of containment.

For school prep rooms the CLEAPSS G9 guidance advises a fume cupboard width of 1500 mm to accommodate the sink. However, Clean Air understands the practicalities of accommodating a fume cupboard in prep room design. Due to the limited space in many prep rooms a compromise of 1200 mm is acceptable which still allows sufficient working space. The Clean Air Fixed Ducted fume cupboard is available in a range of widths to suit any available area. 

School prep room fume cupboard – all these features as standard

As standard, this model includes services, LED lights, lockable storage cupboard and delivery and installation, with the option to include a sink to comply with CLEAPSS G9.

  • Very low noise level – only 50 dBA
  • RCD protected double switched socket outlet
  • BROEN cold water and gas outlets
  • Vulcathene circular drip cup
  • Airflow control panel with visual and audible low airflow alarm
  • Aerodynamic sash handle and profiled baffles help achieve excellent levels of fume containment
  • Polyester coated steel lockable storage cupboard
  • Extract Fan and Light on/off switches with indicators
  • 16 swg Zintec polyester powder coated construction with a White textured finish (RAL 9003)

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