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Bioquell Pod

Creating single patient rooms from an open area in your hospital without absorbing construction costs or lengthy shutdown periods is all possible with the Bioquell Pod.

This customisable solution is a quicker, cost effective alternative to permanent brick and mortar options. A single Bioquell Pod can help reduce HAIs, manage escalated incidents, provide patient privacy and more.

Ideal for:

  • Converting open wards to one or more single patient rooms
  • Decreasing HAIs and escalated incidents
  • Reducing bed-blocking
  • Creating rooms without construction
  • Enhancing patient privacy, dignity and well-being

Custom Patient Isolation Rooms

Creating a patient room no longer requires the commitment of construction, ward closures or even a large budget. The Bioquell Pod allows for a customised single patient to be placed within the confines of a ward without impacting operations. Its design and installation mean no construction is required, making it an ideal rental or permanent solution.

Bed Blocking

Cohorting requires using the entire ward or bed spaces available in a ward for just a specific type of infected patient. As a result, a single patient can render numerous bed spaces in the area unusable. The Bioquell Pod alleviates these concerns by allowing you to create a single patient room or rooms within an open ward.

A&E Throughput

Caring for patients with confirmed or suspected infectious diseases in the A&E provides challenges when single rooms are not available. The Bioquell Pod provides the opportunity to care for patients whilst maintaining throughput.

Patient privacy, well-being and dignity

The Bioquell Pod increases hand hygiene infection prevention practices for the staff entering the room, and offers greater dignity and privacy for a better patient experience. Treatments can be given with the curtains drawn, and your patient can recover in an environment more conducive to sleep.

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