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LEEC Culture Safe TOUCH CO2 Incubators

LEEC offers world class leading CO2 incubators with many more built-in inherent features and advantages, whilst still remaining competitively priced. 

Through continued R&D development, LEEC now offers as standard, state of the art drift free infra red (IR) CO2 sensors across the complete range of ALL its culture safe models.


LEEC Culture Safe Touch CO2 Incubators have a fully sealed, electro-polished, one-piece, deep drawn chamber which is manufactured from the highest grade 316 stainless steel. The outer cabinet is manufactured from stainless steel and has an anti-bacterial powder coat paint finish. This gives the CO2 incubator exceptional corrosion and contamination resistance. An inner glass viewing door closes positively onto an inert gasket (no VOC's) and allows a clear view of the chamber contents without disturbing the internal atmosphere. The outer door has a magnetic gasket providing a good seal and magnetic door locks which engage once the 200°C sterilisation cycle starts. A rear access port allows temperature monitoring probes to be inserted safely into the chamber.

Unique Heating

We have developed a clever 6-sided heating system with high performance thermal insulation to ensure the highest standards in temperature control and stability. The independent outer door heater ensures that the inner glass door remains condensate free.   


We have designed this incubator to eliminate contamination inside the chamber. Features include fan-less air circulation, a crevice-free, electro-polished, one-piece chamber, HEPA filtered gas inlet and a market leading 200°C hot air sterilisation cycle. Externally, the paint contains an active anti-bacterial biocide.

Control System

The state of the art PID touch screen controller is designed to be as user friendly as possible, allowing the user to quickly access the required menus via a simple icon navigation system. The multi-function, PID touch screen module controls the temperature, CO2, and alarm functions (including low gas and power failure). An independent safety cut out disconnects the heating system should an over temperature condition occur. The controller can be password protected too, stopping any unauthorised adjustment to the control systems.

The touch screen controller also provides real time data logging in graphical and text format onto an SD memory card. Text and graphical data logging of temperature, CO2 and O2 (if fitted) is possible with a minimum of 72 hours graphical data logging and 100 text event logs, all conveniently saved as .csv files for viewing in Microsoft Excel® .

200°C Sterilisation Cycle (model Touch T190S)

Independent evaluation of effectiveness of LEEC 200°C Sterilisation cycle against all spores and bacteria commonly associated to be possibly present in laboratory incubators:

The benefits of LEEC Culture Safe CO2 Incubators being fanless

  • Significantly reduced risk of contamination.
  • Zero vibration: eradicates any possibility of cell edging effect.
  • Significantly less evaporation: minimise loss of water in the water tray, hence less risk of sample evaporation and possible desiccation.
  • Considerably easier to clean.
  • Very easy and quick to remove shelves and shelf racks for ease of cleaning.
  • Considerably more useable space, no ducting or built in HEPA filter to minimise useable space.
  • No hidden areas or crevasses that can be difficult to clean.
  • No fan maintenance.
  • No extra costs to replace expensive fan HEPA filters and associated health risks in doing so.
  • Helps to minimise loss of chamber conditions during inner glass door opening.
  • No turbulent airflow that can spread contamination introduced into the inner chamber quickly.

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