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TPP Triple Bagged TPP Products (3-B)

The triple bagged packaging (3-B) solution from TPP meets the increasingly more stringent clean room requirements.

The 3-B products provide noticeably more safety in grade clean aseptic room productions. With the standard packaging, contamination adhering to the outside of the bag could be unintentionally carried into cleanroom areas. The 3-B packaging system prevents contamination from reaching highly sensitive production areas, thus significantly increasing safety for handling substances in a sterile environment.

Features of 3-B:

  • Ideal for use in dedicated areas where the sterile transfer of product is essential
  • Each product is triple-wrapped in three peel-open bags
  • Each bag is marked with a security number: 3 – outer, 2 – middle, 1 – inner bag - the subsequent numbering helps to → show status of packaging
  • Innermost bag 1 is labelled with the product data: product number and description, lot number and EXP. 
  • The safety-open-style peel-open bags are increasing sized, so that during handling of one bag the next inner bag is not accidentally broken rendering it contaminated.

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