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TPP Tissue Culture Flask with peel-off Foil 25 - 300 cm2

Advantages of the tissue culture flask with the peel-off foil:

  • Available in all sizes: 25 - 300 cm2
  • Large pinched flap for a firm grip
  • Foil is peeled off before access to the cultivation chamber
  • Strong welding of peel-off foil
  • Multilayer foil material
  • Stacking ring offers stable and slip-free stapling of several flasks
  • Optionally available with barrier

This flask cannot be re-closed after the foil has been peeled-off.

The foil is welded securely to the polystyrene carrier.

It is important to use only filter screw caps. An internal pressure of more than 0.03 bar (0,00043 psi) in the flask without pressure equalisation might raise the foil and result in leakage.

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