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TPP Tissue Culture Flasks 25 - 300 cm2

Features of the tissue culture flask:

  • Surface activated growth area for optimal adhesion and best proliferation of adherent cells
  • Suitable for suspension cells
  • Geometry of the neck reduces risk of media slop over
  • Stabilizing rim offers secure, slip free piling of several flasks
  • Highly visible bilateral marking area
  • White volume graduations on both sides for optic control of the filling volume
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Flasks are available with «VENT» or filter screw caps
  • Filter screw caps offer constant sterile gas exchange through the hydrophobic non-wetting PTFE membrane with pore size 0.22 μm

The opto-mechanically treated/activated growth area enhances optimal cell adhesion and best proliferation.

The geometry of the neck guarantees total access of TPP pipettes, TPP scrappers and the TPP spatula. No dead corners = 100% cell retrieval.

Additional advantages:

  • excellent access of pipettes, tissue scrapers and tissue spatula
  • marking area with lines on both sides to allow your identification
  • increased overflow height reduces the danger of slopover of media

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