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TPP Tube Racks and Cryo Boxes

Advantages of the TPP racks for centrifuge tubes 15 ml / 50 ml:

  • alpha-numerical inscription to identify your samples
  • a convenient form
  • heat resistant autoclavable material - racks need to be disassembled when heat treated
  • collapsible for storage: TPP racks with the “click” system are quickly assembled and disassembled. They show no inhibitory burrs on the insertion holes

Additional advantages for the TPP rack for tissue culture flat tubes 10:

  • transparent top
  • protection rim that prevents horizontally stored tissue culture flat tubes 10  from shifting 

Advantages of the TPP rack for TubeSpin Bioreactor 600:

  • re-usable
  • stackable
  • secure footprint
  • fits 3 x vessels

Advantages of the TPP cryo boxes:

  • intended for storage of samples in a freezer
  • even after multiple usages the lids can be removed from - or replaced on - the base with ease and one-handed
  • for cryo tubes larger than 4 ml boxes with raised lids are available

Advantages of the TPP cryo rack with star-shaped insertions:

  • star-shaped insertion system in the grooves allows one hand operation when used with the star foot TPP cryo tubes
  • excellent non-slip properties
  • ready-mounted rubber feet

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