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TPP Vacuum Filtration "rapid" - Filtermax

The family of the TPP vacuum filtration "rapid“- Filtermax stands out not just because of its quadratic form, but also its excellent product features.

Features of the "rapid" Filtermax

  • large quadratic filter surface of 49 cm2 and 69 cm2 respectively is 20 % larger than with similar volume units with circular membranes
  • premium PES filter membrane, pore size of 0.22 µm
  • high flow rate
  • low protein binding, excellent chemical resistance
  • secure footprint: flask with its sturdy square footprint is difficult to tip over during filtering and therefore eliminates the risk of encompassment of the filter unit by the vacuum tubing
  • quadratic form stores more efficiently media with less wasted space than circular bottles

Additional user-friendly advantages:

  • tapered form at the neck enables large and small hands a firm and slip free grip of the „rapid“-Filtermax system – even when wearing rubber gloves
  • one separate packed screw cap and adapter for the vacuum connection hose with inside diameter of Ø 6 – 10 mm (2.36 – 3.94 inch) is supplied with each system
  • Full buyer's flexibility: choice of filter set, top only or flask only, all provided with a GL-45 screw thread.

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