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Integra Biosciences DOSE IT

Looking for an easy-to-use peristaltic pump?

In today’s laboratories, peristaltic pumps are often first choice when liquids within the range of several milliliters to several liters have to be transferred. The main advantage of these pumps is that the liquid transferred remains enclosed inside the tubing. As a result, the risk of contaminating either the product or the pump itself is prevented. However, most laboratory peristaltic pumps are difficult to program, are oversized and bulky.

DOSE IT has been especially designed for laboratories looking for an easy-to-use, compact and portable peristaltic pump. With its light weight and compact design, DOSE IT fits everywhere in the lab and can be easily moved. The intuitive user interface with straightforward instructions makes it very easy to operate. DOSE IT is especially helpful for dispensing culture media, buffers or other solutions.

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