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Fujirebio INNO-LiPA® CFTR Italian Regional

For an increased detection rate in populations with Italian ancestry

INNO-LiPA CFTR Italian Regional is a multiparameter line probe assay, based on the reverse hybridisation principle, for the simultaneous detection and identification of 21 Italian Cystic Fibrosis-related mutations and their wild-type sequences in human whole blood, dried blood spots and buccal brush samples.

This product is in addition to the INNO-LiPA CFTR 19 and INNO-LiPA CFTR 17+Tn Update kits that test for the most common mutations worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • One amplification and one strip. 
  • INNO-LiPA CFTR Italian Regional provides probes for 21 additional CFTR-related mutations, giving an increased detection rate for populations of (or related to) Italian descent. 
  • Analysis of both the mutant and the wild-type sequences demonstrates homo- or heterozygosity for each tested mutation, allowing the discrimination between carrier status and patients. 
  • The test is fast and easy to perform, offers quick visual interpretation, and full results are obtained within one working day. 
  • Fully automated processing of the strips is possible using Auto-LiPA™ 48 and AutoBlot 3000H.
  • Objective, automated reading and interpretation of the strips is possible 

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