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Fujirebio INNO-LIPA® HBV Multi-DR

Minimise treatment failure, Maximise long-term HBV suppression.

Line probe assay for simultaneous detection of hepatitis B virus wild-type motif, lamivudine, telbivudine, emtricitabine, adefovir, and entecavir resistance-associated mutations.

Features & Benefits

  • Earliest detection of mutants: 
  • Highly sensitive detection at single nucleotide level of mixtures of wild-type and mutants, identifying the appearance of mutants earlier than sequencing and viral load assays 
  • Lower limit of detection of 990 copies/ml 
  • Allowing rapid and effective HBV suppression by early adoption to the most suited therapy 
  • All the necessary information in one assay: 
  • Allows simultaneous detection of all clinically relevant HBV polymerase wild-type and drug-induced mutations associated with lamivudine, emtricitabine, telbivudine, adefovir and tenofovir resistance as well as known compensatory mutations (codons 80, 173, 180, 181, and 204) 
  • Identifies amino acid changes in the overlapping reading frame of HBsAg (codons 171, 172, 195, 196, 198, and 199) 
  • Optimised for 8 known HBV genotypes (A-H) 
  • Low chance of errors and limited hands-on time: 
  • Easy to perform and robust assay 
  • Amplicon can also be used for INNO-LIPA HBV GT 
  • Fully automated processing of the strips possible with TENDIGO®, Auto-LIPA™ 48 and AutoBlot 3000H. 
  • Objective and automated reading and interpretation of strips possible using LiRAS® for Infectious Diseases.

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