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Fujirebio Auto-LiPA™ 48

Walk-away processing of INNO-LiPA® and INNO-LIA® strips. Manufactured and distributed by Fujirebio Europe.

Auto-LiPA 48 offers fully automated processing for the complete range of INNO-LiPA and INNO-LIA tests from hybridisation to color development. Pre-programmed test methods control temperature for the hybridisation and stringent wash, reagent aspiration and addition, and ensure ease, speed, and confidence.

Features & Benefits

Minimum “hands-on” technician time due to:

  • Fully automated test performance from hybridisation to colour development
  • Fully automated temperature control, reagent addition, and aspiration
  • Pre-programmed test methods for INNO-LiPA and INNO-LIA products Permanent storage of up to 20 programs
  • Possibility of overnight processing
  • Disposable trays
  • Universal tray for all Innogenetics tests
  • Trays compatible with multi-channel pipettes
  • Automated cleaning procedures
  • Automated pump calibration

Rapid processing

  • Washing in less than 3.5 minutes
  • Processing of up to 48 samples per run
  • Results within 2 to 3.5 hours


  • CE marking in accordance with IVD Directive 98/79/EC
  • Translations of Instructions for Use*
  • Translations of Instrument Display screen*
  • Colour codes
  • Storage of instrument test-run data and export of run parameters via BlotWare
  • Standardisation of test manipulation: high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Password protection
  • High system safety for the user

*currently available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

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