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Esco Airstream® Plus Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (S-Series), TUV NORD Certified to EN 12469

The World's Leading Energy-Efficient, Quiet, and Compact Biosafety Cabinet. TÜV NORD Certified to EN 12469

Equipped with the latest technology and upgrades from the Airstream® Gen 3, the Airstream® Plus is the best choice for providing operator, product and environmental protection. With the new LED lamp and dual energy-efficient DC ECM motor, the Airstream® Plus is probably the most energy-efficient Class II Biosafety Cabinet in the world. The Airstream® Plus still boasts the features of the Airstream® Gen 3 but now added with optional hydrogen peroxide injection port for even better decontamination process. With the latest advancements in the Airstream® Plus, it is a great addition to any laboratories around the world.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy-saving
  • Stable, self-compensating, airflow
  • Low Noise and Ergonomic Design
  • TÜV NORD Certified to EN 12469


  • Airflow sensor monitors real-time airflow for safety, alerts the user if airflow is insufficient
  • ISOCIDE™ powder coat inhibits microbial growth on external surface prevents contamination and improves safety
  • Dual energy-efficient DC ECM Motor that offers 70% energy savings compared to AC Motor
  • Sentinel™ Gold Microprocessor Controller displays all safety information on one screen
  • Motorised window offering aerosol tight seal with convenience of moving the window by fingertip
  • Easy-to-reach service fixtures and outlets, large corner radius for easy cleaning
  • Equipped with ULPA filter which provides better filtration than HEPA filter at >99.999% typical efficiency at MPPS, H14 as per EN 1822 EU
  • Single-piece work tray for a continuous surface. Multiple work tray for E-Series.
  • Ergonomically-designed Raised Arm Rest helps prevent grille blocking and creates a comfortable working posture
  • Removable Paper Catch which is easy to clean with optional pre-filter
  • Optional U15 filter with 99.999% efficiency which creates ISO Class 3 Work Zone
  • Angled Drain Pan that is easy to clean and does not harbor contaminants
  • Energy-efficient LED lamp that is brighter and lasts 4x longer than standard fluorescent lamp
  • RS 232 data output port enables remote monitoring of cabinet operating parameters
  • Available in 0.9m (3’), 1.2m (4'), 1.5m (5'), 1.8m (6') sizes

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