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Telstar Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet Bio II Advance Plus

The Telstar Bio II Advance Plus series is a new generation of biological safety cabinets class II, providing a compact design for easy installation within the laboratory, without losing valuable working space.

It has also been designed to the highest standards of safety, ergonomics, energy efficiency, reliability and ease of use in its class. The Bio II Advance Plus series is backed by Telstar’s world reputation and commitment to provide the market’s most secure safety cabinets for biological products.

Tested and certified by TUV Nord in Hamburg to meet the European Standard for Microbiological Safety Cabinets EN12469, Bio II Advance Plus guarantees the maximum level of safety for the product, the personnel and the environment.

The introduction of led lighting and EC fans makes Bio II Advance Plus one of the best energy efficient and lowest noise level cabinets available on the market.

Low power consumption and low sound level

Energy efficiency is a key factor when choosing a safety cabinet and that is why Telstar has introduced led lighting and energy saving EC fans in the Bio II Advance Plus range of cabinets.

User friendly control panel

A reliable self-diagnostic monitoring and alarm system is positioned at eye level. The bright liquid crystal digital display is clearly visible from afar. The most important information (air downflow speed and filter clogging status) can be checked in a blink of an eye!

Certified safety: EN 12469

The Bio II Advance Plus cabinets are independently tested and certified by TÜV Nord, the main certification body in Europe, to guarantee conformity to standard EN 12469 for Class II biological safety cabinets (30% exhaust, 70% recirculation unit). The Bio II Advance Plus is specified for working with levels 1, 2 and 3 pathogenic agents. It also conforms to the main requirements of NSF/ANSI 49 (Class II A2), JIS K3800, SFDA YY-0569 and AS2252.

Maximum protection for the operator, product and environment

The most important feature of a biological safety cabinet is its containment capability, together with good contamination prevention and the ability to clean the cabinet easily and thoroughly. The Bio II Advance Plus series is designed to offer maximum safety at all times:

  • Laminar flow is monitored by a speed sensor which keeps a constant air flow over the whole working surface, due to the filter clogging compensation technology.
  • The cabinet is fitted with independent alarm systems which emit a visual and acoustic warning in case of any deviations
  • The silicone window gasket seals the working chamber hermetically, providing optimal protection for both operator and product.
  • In working position, the gasket prevents environmental particles to enter the working chamber, thus reducing possible contamination of samples and keeping the inner side of the glass clean.
  • The rounded edges of the inside of the cabinet facilitate disinfection and maximize contamination avoidance.
  • The working surface is divided into sections which allow cleaning and even sterilisation in an autoclave if required.

Double safe, user friendly and easy-to-read control panel

The Bio II Advance Plus has a user friendly colour screen which enables easy and quick viewing of the safety parameters. The visual display shows the level of filter clogging, which is extremely useful for optimising the service calls. The display also shows laminar speed flow to easily control the cabinets status at all times.

Comfort and ease to use

The Bio II Advance series Plus is designed to make work comfortable for the operator by avoiding fatigue and encourage a safe working posture:

  • The 10° sloped front window allows the operator to adopt a comfortable and ergonomic posture.
  • The front window allows complete access to the working chamber, making cleaning easy and possible to enter large objects and accessories into the working chamber.
  • The control panel is tilted towards the operator to maximize visibility.
  • The Bio II Advance Plus is very quiet, with a sound level of only <60 dB.

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