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Telstar Containment Isolators

Telstar has been supplying containment Isolators for operator protection for over 25 years, resulting in a very impressive portfolio of installed units located all around the world.

Whether supplied as stand-alone Isolators for sampling or dispensing etc, or as integrated Isolator solutions for say tabletting or capsule filling, Telstar Isolators are designed with the operators’ requirements, comfort and safeguard at the uppermost.

A clear understanding of the actual application involved, is key to providing a containment Isolator that completely meets the demands of the client and process. With independently validated containment Isolator installations offering operator protection from <1µg/m3 to as low as 0.2ng/m3 (200picogrames), Telstar can offer unprecedented levels in terms of guarantees on the OEL.

Telstar is extremely proud of its’ achievements in containment  Isolators  and as a recognised market leader in this field Telstar continues to challenge the current boundaries in Isolator technology, to keep pace with the ever increasing demands laid down by the market.

Guaranteed Quality

Telstar has the expertise to meet industry rising challenges by offering an impressive range of containment Isolators, from single chambers to multi chamber systems accommodating where necessary a wide range of process equipment.

Telstar containment Isolators are predominantly derived from a standard of range mechanical and electrical components, coupled with a degree of customisation to match specific clients requirements. The equipment Telstar proposes balances optimum operator and product protection with cost – effectiveness and ease of use. Offering advanced ergonomic designs Telstar ensure that our clients receive a high quality standard of service which contributes to the smooth and satisfactory project completion.

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