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Baker EdgeGARD® VF Vertical-Flow Recirculating Clean Bench

The EdgeGARD® VF is a vertical-flow recirculating air clean bench that provides protection for samples and work procedures where product protection and particulate control are required.

  • ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanliness (for 0.5 micrometer particles)
  • Build for versatility, productivity and user comfort
  • Latest extension of the EdgeGARD® clean bench line

Unlike conventional horizontal-flow clean benches, the EdgeGARD® VF provides vertical, uni-directional and controlled airflow over the entire work surface, while reducing energy consumption, noise and airflow turbulence.

Recognised as the industry's most reliable clean bench, this extension of Baker's EdgeGARD® brand provides lower life-cycle costs and years of trouble-free operation.

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