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Monmouth Scientific Guardian® Class II Biological Safety

The Guardian Biological Safety Cabinet is an evolution in Class II solutions. Offering operator and material protection the unit is designed and built in the UK by Monmouth Scientific, incorporating the very latest features and technologies.

Why a Biological Safety Cabinet from Monmouth Scientific Is the Best Choice?

The Class II Biological Safety Cabinet utilises a specially ventilated enclosure, developed for sterile material handling. The unit guarantees both the operator and the working materials protection from potential biohazard infections.

Standard Features include:

  • Low Energy < 120watts of power.
  • UV Lighting Strip ensures VHP & Formalin Disinfection.
  • Electric Sash Adjustment & Closure.
  • H 14 HEPA Filters that help create an ISO Class 4 Clean Environment.
  • Air Diffuser and Sloped Intake for efficient and smooth airflow.
  • Removable Polished Stainless Steel Work Surface.

The Guardian range is fitted with the Visionaire® 4.3” full colour touch screen control system that allows the highest level of control and monitoring. Alongside the standard Touchscreen features the Guardian system incorporates; a Visual Display of Inlet and Downward Air Velocity (m/sec or ft/min), Sash Adjustment, Control for: UV Light, Electrical Socket, Cabinet Power and Light Variable intensity. Audible and Visual alarms alert the user to maintenance requirements including: Service, UV Light replacement and Cabinet Hours Run. Formalin and VHP Cycles are also controllable.

The system is also fitted with Monmouth’s unique Infra-Red Intelligent Sash Safety (IRISS) system which projects an infra-red beam across the base of the opening, should this beam be broken by in advertently positioned apparatus or an operator’s hand, the door closure will be instantly and automatically aborted, preventing potential injuries, instrument damage or sash damage.

The Guardian Micro-Biological Safety Cabinet has been independently type tested and approved to BSEN 12469:2000 by the UK’s leading authority on Biological Safety Cabinets, the Health Protection Agency at Porton Down.

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