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Baker Ruskinn SCI-tive Dual

Mimic Physiology (O2)

Baker Ruskinn's SCI-tive Dual hypoxia workstation allows you to work with two independently controlled atmospheres for cell culture under physiological oxygen. As with the single SCI-tive hypoxia workstation, SCI-tive Dual's closed cell culture environment mimics in vivo conditions with precise, user-defined controls, allowing you study even the most complex cell interactions.

The spacious interior provides a continuous, controlled-oxygen environment, from seeding through expansion, assay and harvest. The large pass-through interlock has its own temperature and oxygen control, and it holds a variety of flasks, dishes and tubes for easy transfer to the left and right chambers.

Both the Symmetrical and Asymmetrical models easily accommodate a variety of analytical equipment - no more working on an open bench.

The Asymmetrical model's right-hand chamber is built to house even larger equipment, such as inverted and atomic force microscopes.

SCI-tive Dual's optional HEPA filtration system provides clean air within the work area to protect cultures from contaminants, and an upgraded enhanced containment package provides user protection.

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